PV Tactical

Honor Above All Else

A collection of the best tactical and survival gear available. Boots to Helmets, Ammo to Tactical Vests. A great place to find the hard to find. You need to take a look around; you will be amazed.

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Knives of every kind, for all of your needs. From a good pocket knife to extreme tactical knives. We carry hard to find, custom and specialty knives of all kinds. Folding, fixed blade, out the front, machetes & axes.

PV Pet Products

At PV Pet Products we care about you and your pet. We only offer high quality products for a great price. We search high and low to find items to fill all of your pets needs, from pet toys, beds & blankets, bowls & feeders, training devices and so much more. You will have a great time looking around PV Pet Products. We add new items almost every day. Plus our site is a great place to connect with other pet lovers like you and share thoughts, ideas, product requests and some of your favorite pet stories. Dogs, Cats, Birds Fish & Reptiles, we have something for everyone!

Aloha Trading Company

Think of ALOHA TRADING COMPANY as a general store you might find in a small village on one of the Hawaiian Islands. It has a little bit of everything, all good stuff.

You never know what you’ll find at Aloha Trading Company, but you can be confident in your purchases. We go to great lengths to find the best quality products and sell them at the best prices. We add things nearly every day, so you’ll want to check back often.

All Pro Home Inspections

A Phoenix based Home Inspection company. All Pro has been in business for 24 years and conducted nearly 75,000 home inspections. Experienced and Professional. Our reports are the best in the business, very comprehensive yet easy to read and understand, full of photographs to help you see the condition of your home. From All Pro you receive the report the same day, often before you leave the property! Our inspectors are fully licensed and insured for your protection.

IC Home Inspection Software

IC Home Inspection Software was developed out of frustration with all of the other software offerings for the home inspection industry. Built from the ground up, the software offers everything a home inspector could ever want out of their software provider. Customized Reports, Scheduling, Built-In Text that you can edit, Database Management to help you keep track of your Agents, Buyers and Business. With IC there is no big up front cost, there are no sign-up fees, no set-up fees and the IC Home Inspection Software offers the most aggressive pricing in the industry. Using IC Home Inspection Software will grow your business. Why? Because you will be producing a high quality inspection report like none other, fully photo-documented, that you can provide to your clients within hours.

Dutch Jones - Author

The epitome of a Storyteller.

He writes primarily Contemporary Romance, Thrillers, and Humor. He currently has five novels published, Long Trip Home; E.A.P. The Untold Story, Changing Tides, Rose and Rock & Ice. Changing Tides made Amazons Top 5 List.

The common thread from all the reviews: "I couldn't put it down." and "This should be a movie!"

When asked why Contemporary Romance, "I love stories with compelling and interesting every day people, who somehow end up in romantic situations that in some cases change their lives. It's fun." 

On track to become a best selling author, when asked why do you write? Dutch's response: "I write to entertain, if I entertain you, I've done my job.”

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